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What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is just like a real world event, except that the space in which it takes place is not a conference venue or public space but an online virtual venue. Think of all the things you would find at a regular event and they are just what you will find at a virtual event.

Your delegates will navigate a virtual space, interact and chat with vendors and exhibitors, watch live presentations, comment on things they watch, download content and even earn a voucher for their lunch on the day.

Our fully managed virtual event service includes:

  • The creation and hosting of your own branded venue

  • Registration and delegate management

  • Content management for presentations and programme

  • Exhibition hall population

  • Exhibition stand population

  • Full run through event

  • On the day event management and helpdesk

  • Event analytics

Event Features and Benefits:

  • Live or pre-recorded presentations

  • Robust and secure platform that if using pre-recorded content does not rely on any other platform to function

  • Classic exhibition style or contemporary button based looks available

  • Built in live text and video communication between delegates, vendors and speakers

  • Live Q & A sessions

  • Exhibitors can host videos, make written resources available for download (.pdf, .pptx, .docx)

  • Gamification of site interactions

  • Extensive live and post-event analytics available

  • UK customer service


About us

Virtual Events Conferencing is a partnership between two companies, Cyber news Group and Inspired Film and Video.

Cyber news group have extensive experience in the conferencing and cyber security arenas and are well versed at hosting popular and high end events. 

Inspired have a long track record of producing high quality film and animation for a varied corporate portfolio. As well as a team skilled in hosting, broadcasting and managing complex live events. 

Cyber News Group have built a stellar reputation on a unique conference experiences for the cybersecurity space. For over 14 years, they have had the honour of hosting premium events for leading figures in the public and private sector leaders, providing industry insights, networking opportunities, and sponsor showcases. They wanted to use their extensive database to bring people together – to bring some light to the situation.

Inspired specialise in bringing your visions and values to life in exciting and creative ways.

They meet your objectives with great visuals and effective video communication that gets the results you need.

Inspired have a proven track record in creating the perfect content for companies, brands and organisations in the UK and around the world. Their highly skilled, dedicated and committed team will ensure that from the initial consultation through to the final delivery you receive the very best service.

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How does pricing work?

Our pricing is based around 3 things:

1. The length your event will run.

2. How many people will attend.

3. How many stands and rooms you will need.

What about 

Our platform is very secure and only the management team will have secure password controlled access to the site. 

You can if you wish allow some of your team to have access to certain aspects of the site and set the limits of their access.

And we are fully GDPR complient.

What is our managed service?

Our managed service means you don't have to worry about a thing. We will take care of everything from design and construction of the site. To tech support and managing everything on the day of your event. Taking all the hassle out of it for you.

Can I customise the site?

Yes you can customise most aspects of the site to match your brand, colours and in house designs. 

As well as being able to chose what sort of backdrop your event has, how the stands look and what the layout should be.

How do I integrate the platform into my site?

There is no need to integrate anything into your existing site. Your event will be in its own standalone platform. You simply need to link it from your existing site or just point people in the right direction.

Can I interact with the delegates?

Yes there are many ways in which you or your exhibitors can interact with delegates. From video, audio and text chat to phone calls, emails and soical media you can be in close contact with them and collect all the data you need for interactions post event.